THE film

AGALMATOPHILIA: A TRAGEDY IN THREE ACTS is the story of LILITH, a lonely 25-year old sculptor who is visited by the living BLACK CLAY STATUE of a demon that claims to be able to make her live a parallel life shared with someone she loves.

Intrigued by the idea of leaving her loneliness behind, Lilith embarks on a twisted and surreal journey across three different versions of her life, all of them characterised by three different versions, or ‘faces’, of her new partner ADAM, a mysterious character who’s currently working on a show called ‘Agalmatophilia’ and who is, in turn, a masochistic actor, an emotionally unstable theatre director and a sadistic playwright.

Helped by the WHITE CLAY STATUE of a pagan god and by her guardian spirit, a FOX, Lilith tries to escape her nightmare by following a path hidden in the woods on another plane of existence: her imagination.

The characters



A 25-year old clay sculptor whose solitary life has recently become unbearable and who, because of that, naively accepts the black statue’s help.



In the first act, a masochistic young actor; in the second act, an emotionally unstable middle-aged theatre director; in the third act, a sadistic old playwright. In turn, the actor, the director and the writer of a gruesome show called ‘Agalmatophilia’.


The black statue

The mephistophelean sculpture made of black clay of a demon whose only goal is disseminating sorrow among men. In Lilith’s imagination, it’s depicted as a wolf.


The shady character

Lilith’s guardian spirit, an enigmatic man in suit and tie, in the real world, and a fox, in Lilith’s imagination.


The white statue

A benevolent pagan divinity that manifests itself by possessing a two-faced white clay statue made by Lilith.

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