La Belle Dame Sans Merci

‘Songs Of Fear And Agony’, the album I’m recording, is a very personal project. I wouldn’t call it autobiographical, but there are many, many elements that come directly from my own life.

That was not my plan, though. I love songs based on stories about specific characters, and I wrote several of them during the last two years. Unfortunately, there was no space for them in my first collection of songs.

What will happen to them?

Well, that’s simple: they will have a place in my next album. I’m already working on it. It does not have a real title, so I just call it ‘Devilish Cabaret’.

As I already said, I have a bunch of songs which are (more or less) ready, but I’m also writing some new lyrics. I finished one yesterday: It’s called ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’. I’m pretty happy about it, although not completely satisfied.

I’ll work on it, again, later...

Thanks for reading!

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Rose Cecil O’Neill, 1905

La Belle Dame Sans Merci, Rose Cecil O’Neill, 1905

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