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Random Thoughts On Introducing Lilith #02

If you’re asking yourself why I’m writing a series of posts on a pretty simple 2-minute short film, well, that’s easy: it’s part of a much more complex world I’m currently working on. I’m basically getting ready to introduce it.

Let’s talk about the script.  

The screenplay of Introducing Lilith is, simply put, an excerpt from a much bigger piece of writing, Agalmatophilia. It used to be, actually: Agalmatophilia is now something different, and what happens in the short film is not there anymore.

As I already wrote in the last post, Introducing Lilith was supposed to be a sort of promo, an introduction to the feature film I want (I need... I have...) to make. When I changed the main script, I was a bit afraid I wouldn’t be able to use Introducing Lilith anymore, and the problem wasn’t the fact that the scene had changed... The problem was that the character itself had changed!

Lilith, the Lilith of the short film, is someone who, in a certain way, rules the visionary world she is part of. She’s not afraid of it because she knows it. That’s not the case anymore, but it’s too early to talk about that. 

I decided to release Introducing Lilith anyway. Why? Because I thought it would be interesting to show two different versions of the same character. In a way, it’s like exposing one of the most hidden sides (secrets?) of storytelling.

Yeah, well, actually...  I thought it would be interesting to show FIVE different versions of the character: we’re going to see (at least) four different people called Lilith in the feature film, so...

I’m a storyteller, and I tell the others what I see/hear/feel in general. If I see three, four, five, six different characters who are supposed to be the same person, I’m not going to choose only one. How could I? It wouldn’t be the truth. And why should I? My film wouldn’t be produced by a film production company anyway.

(A message from the deepest part of my heart: fuck the screenwriting rules)


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Three Short Stories

Last week I found three short stories I wrote around ten years ago in Florence. I decided to read them, and I have to say that it was a particularly interesting experience.

As you can imagine, I wrote them in Italian, my first language. They’re pretty long, and that’s something I didn’t remember at all. I also noticed that they were sort of connected, thematically speaking. Did I want to write an entire book of short stories? I really don’t remember...

Anyway, it’s the writing style that made me think, and that’s because, although different, there are many, many elements that I brought with me during all these years. I’m talking about the use of metaphors, similitudes, anaphora and other rhetorical devices, mostly.

Will I find them again ten years from now?

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The Three Ages Of Man, Titian, 1511 - 1512

The Three Ages Of Man, Titian, 1511 - 1512

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