The End (For Now)

Dear everyone, 

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter. As you probably know, I spent mine at the Agalmatophilia: A Tragedy In Three Acts Closing Party organised by C-47. I enjoyed being surrounded by Ka Ho’s beautiful statues and drawings, and listening to the music of two great Dublin music acts, Jake Regan and Nervvs.

So, it seems the crowdfunding campaign for my film Agalmatophilia: A Tragedy In Three Acts has come to an end.

I thought I would write a post on the last weeks of the campaign or something similar, but there’s not much to say, I’m afraid, apart from:

- We haven’t reached our goal, but I don’t consider that to be a problem: my adventure has just begun and, thanks to the contributions we received, we’ll definitely shoot a part of the film! 

- I’m not particularly happy, but not because of the reason above.

That said... 

I’ll be back on soon to introduce a new page, News, and with the brand new edition of my Art Journal. Meanwhile, I’ll keep myself busy with two music projects I had to postpone: Fear & Agony, of course, and a collaboration I’ve been really looked forward to.

And now let me finish this post with a special, special, special ‘Thank you!’ to all the people who contributed to the campaign (by the way, Introducing Adam will soon be available for you to watch!), wrote a post about it, talked of it with their friends and families or helped me in any other way. I’ll never forget what you did.

For those who haven’t received their perks, fear not: in the next few days, I’ll finish sending the last ones. 


That’s it for now!

Take care, 





Jake Regan

Ka Ho 


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