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Three Short Stories

Last week I found three short stories I wrote around ten years ago in Florence. I decided to read them, and I have to say that it was a particularly interesting experience.

As you can imagine, I wrote them in Italian, my first language. They’re pretty long, and that’s something I didn’t remember at all. I also noticed that they were sort of connected, thematically speaking. Did I want to write an entire book of short stories? I really don’t remember...

Anyway, it’s the writing style that made me think, and that’s because, although different, there are many, many elements that I brought with me during all these years. I’m talking about the use of metaphors, similitudes, anaphora and other rhetorical devices, mostly.

Will I find them again ten years from now?

Thanks for reading! 

The Three Ages Of Man, Titian, 1511 - 1512

The Three Ages Of Man, Titian, 1511 - 1512

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